We have 28 years of experience.

We know ACNE.

Together we have helped thousands of people with acne to look and feel much better.


acne-clinic-about-usAcne Clinic “Miraculum” main goal is to HELP people with acne! We are devoted to the treatment of mild to severe forms of acne, which affects millions of people, every day, all over the world. In our Clinic we offer comprehensive care and treatment for both: early onset of acne and severe acne conditions.We minimize long term skin damage and scarring. We believe in treating acne in its earliest stages, as this is the best way to prevent long-term scarring.
Our specialists focus on each client and provide individualized series of treatments. Together with a specialized program of treatments and individually chosen products we can achieve effective results.

Hania-Zolkiewicz-acne-clinic-p Hania Zolkiewicz, E.D., M.E. is the creator of Acne Clinic Miraculum, acne specialist and facial therapist. Hania uses her knowledge and interest in esthetics and medicine to successfully treat acne-prone skin. She has dedicated her entire practice to helping those who suffer with acne and problem skin. Hania started her education in Poland, with 2 years of study at the College of Cosmetology. She continued learning through her work with dermatologists, and, after coming to Canada, completed her diploma at the College of Esthetics in Vancouver.

maria-gloria-acne-clinic Maria Gloria Buencamino (MD Philippines) is a dermatologist from the Philippines. After graduating from her physician training, she was employed by a leading dermatology centre in the country, which specializes in acne treatment and aesthetics. Maria eventually established a dermatology and acne clinic in Manila before relocating to Canada.  She also completed her studies as a Medical Aesthetician at Langara College.

  Both, Hania and Maria make it a point that every client at the Acne Clinic Miraculum receives the utmost quality care they deserve when performing all procedures, including acne treatment, laser and light therapies, and chemical peels.

Please note that we are NOT a medical clinic and we are NOT covered by any insurance nor MSP.

Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

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