“Laser” LHE –  Acne Clearance System

about-acne-phototherapyA new generation of acne treatments is now available using unique LHE Light and Heat technology. This technology effectively treats acne.

ClearTouch Acne Clearance System utilizes the higher range of the light spectrum (Green to Yellow) as well as heat and red light energy. ClearTouch uses the optimal light spectrum without compromising the process of activating the porphyrin that initiates the antibacterial process resulting in Proprionibacterium acnes (P.acnes) reduction.

*Disclaimer:  Results may vary.

LHE is:

Effective:most people experience great success in acne clearance
Fast:less then 1/3 the time of traditional treatments significantly reduces patient risk of scarring
Safe:no harmful side effects*

The P. acne produces porphyrin as part of its normal life cycle. Once the porphyrin is exposed to the visible light it becomes chemically active, inducing a photodynamic reaction, which results in the destruction of the P.acne bacteria and the sebaceous gland.

Study has been done by Monica Elman, M.D. and Joseph Lebzelter, Ph.D. to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of the LHE TM Light Heat Energy for acne clearance using the ClearTouch Acne Clearance System.

To investigate the safety and effectiveness of LHE in the treatment of mild and moderate acne vulgaris, 19 patients (12 females and 7 males) between ages of 13 to 28 volunteered to participate in the study.

The study demonstrated that combined non-inflammatory and inflammatory lesion counts at 2 month after the initial treatment decreased significantly when compared to the baseline count. In most cases improvement was consistent throughout the study period. No adverse side effects were reported.

ClearTouch pulsed light and heat energy (LHE) technology is effective and safe for the treatment of acne vulgaris. The treatment response was time-dependent, and occurred as early as two weeks after the initial treatment. By combining heat and red light energy ClearTouch produces anti-inflammatory results while avoiding short-term adverse side effects.

To read more about ClearTouch, please visit www.radiancy.com

*Disclaimer:  Results may vary.

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