Removing Blackheads Is the Very First Step to Prevent Acne.

I have more than 20 years of practice in healing acne and dealing with acne, oily skin, blackheads and white heads. If it comes to removing blackheads I have never experienced any results from creams, lotions, salicylic acid, glycolic acid ,benzol peroxide,different types of scrubs, microdermabrasion etc. There is no product on the market which would remove the sebum from the whole pore. The sebum is produced by the oil gland and over time becomes a blackhead (due to chemical reaction with the oxygen, not because  it is dirty) and the only way to remove that blackhead is the mechanical way. By mechanical way I mean

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Do Not Settle For Less!

Recently I spoke to my friend about her experience at a big spa where she went for a relaxing massage she received as a gift from her daughter. Her massage took place in the room placed at the beginning of a long hallway and during her massage she could hear many people walking and passing by her room, talking loudly while people slammed doors and left showers running. On top of everything there was a door between her room and next so she heard the conversation between another client and the aesthetician. Later my friend heard all of the noises while the aesthetician cleaned the room. All that and more during the two hours that were dedicated to her ‘relaxing’ massage with a price tag of almost $250.

My friend was disturbed and very unhappy with her experience but thought maybe she was being too picky or too sensitive and was unsure of her expectations. She asked me for my opinion. Continue reading

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Are you drinking more then 6 glasses of water a day even when you not thirsty? Stop!

Are you one of those who carry a bottle around and force every sip into you just to fulfill “recommendations”?
Do you drink even if you are not thirsty?
Do you think that thirst means you are already dehydrated?

Let me share with you what I’ve learned from Cathy Gulli’s article “Enough with drinking water” in Lifestyle.

Susan Barr, the professor of nutrition at the University of British Columbia has very strong opinion that it is a myth that in order to hydrate ourselves we need  to drink plain water . All kind of fluids count – juice, pop, beer, coffee, tea, soup. The water is also  in chicken, other meat, bread, fruits.
We should stop choking down 8 glasses of water as we are told to and start to take much more individualized approach to hydration. We are not the same, how much water we need depends on our diet, level of activities, how hot our environment is, our size and our health issue, not to mentioned personal preferences. Continue reading

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