Do Not Settle For Less!

Recently I spoke to my friend about her experience at a big spa where she went for a relaxing massage she received as a gift from her daughter. Her massage took place in the room placed at the beginning of a long hallway and during her massage she could hear many people walking and passing by her room, talking loudly while people slammed doors and left showers running. On top of everything there was a door between her room and next so she heard the conversation between another client and the aesthetician. Later my friend heard all of the noises while the aesthetician cleaned the room. All that and more during the two hours that were dedicated to her ‘relaxing’ massage with a price tag of almost $250.

My friend was disturbed and very unhappy with her experience but thought maybe she was being too picky or too sensitive and was unsure of her expectations. She asked me for my opinion.

Her reaction made me realize that many of us put up with not so good service or terrible circumstances because we do not know what to expect and what to demand for the money we are spending. We all work hard for our money and we are often left dissatisfied and unhappy by the beauty establishments we treat ourselves to.

Ladies and gentlemen, be honest – how many of you saw the haircut that was far from the one you wanted yet you still tipped the hairdresser? Do you think that she got the message that you were not satisfied with her service?

How many times does your manicure look bad only three days after it was done, yet you still go back to the same nail tech?

Don’t you think that if we as customers would expect more high quality services and used our right to refuse to pay for bad service we would force the beauty industry to educate themselves and to provide much better service?

If we search longer for better service we could eliminate places where the service is simply bad.

Do you pay the painter if the color on the walls is not even? Or the hardwood installer if the floor has gaps and cracks? You probably don’t, so why to settle for less when it comes to ourselves?

To continue the story; my friend spoke to the manager of the spa and was offered a free massage. A great gesture from the manager and very appreciated by my friend. She then booked two one hour massages, made sure that both of those would be done in the same back room. The first of the two massages was perfect – a room that was very quiet, both my friend and the massage therapist were relaxed and calm. But guess what? –For the second massage my friend was placed in another room (even after the arrangement for the same room was made three weeks before) and it was noisy again! Do you think that my friend will visit that spa again, even if the manager was very understanding? For sure she will not, as she lost the feeling of trust and respect as a paying customer. Will she recommend that spa to anybody- definitely not.

My friend asked her family not to buy gift certificates because the recipient is forced to take the service , as it was already paid for and cannot leave the place if the service is not satisfying.

So, please, if you not happy with the service – simply get up and say, “I am leaving because… and I will not continue this service”. Look for better place with better work ethics and better care for the customers. Do not put up with noisy environments, ask the massage therapist to warm up her hands if they cold, ask to change the music if you don’t like it – this is your time and all your needs related to the service should be fulfilled!