Acne Treatments with Extraction

Acne treatments are designed to purify the skin and reduce excess oil secretion.
Treatment includes manual extraction of blackheads, milia and pustules. Proper removal of these lesions results in clearer, healthier skin with decreased chance of inflammation and bacterial spreading. Individually chosen masks and antibacterial ozone therapy are also applied.


The acne treatment starts with an enzymatic peel to remove dead cells. Then we apply a herbal paste and cover it with an electric mask to keep it warm to open the pores for easier extractions. That part of the treatment is very relaxing. It is followed by manual extractions of the pores. We do not use metal blackhead extractor as we believe it bruises the skin and doesn’t extract the whole sebum from the pore. Using fingers to extract gives us control over the pores and a feel of the skin.

At the end of the extractions we are closing the pores with the ozone therapy using High Frequency machine and after that treatment we apply a calming mask to reinforce closing the pores and reduce the redness. Regular visits for purifying Acne Treatments reduce the possibility of developing new acne scarring (individual results may vary). It is very important to use moisturizing mask every day for a week before treatment since it makes the extractions much easier for the patient, not to mention that it is a great benefit for the skin.*


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