Glycolic Acid Treatment

This treatment is extremely effective in reducing acne scars, minimizing size of the pores and reducing pigmentation spots.

It has to be done on healthy skin, where there is no longer infected acne. Alpha Hydroxy Acids work as exfoliants by speeding up the skin’s natural shedding process. AHA ( we use Glycolic Acid) improves skin texture and tone, helps manage oily and acne skin, unclogs pores, reduces skin discolouration . We are using 30% glycolic acid and within each visit we increase the time of application making sure that we achieve desired results without jeopardizing the health of your skin.

It is common to experience some tingling during the application and slight dryness and flakiness of the skin while using AHA, As new, healthier skin cells come to the surface, the flakiness will be replaced with radiant new skin. The texture will feel softer. The best results come with the course of 10 treatments done usually 1 week apart.*


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Glycolic acid works by inhibiting the growth of p. acnes3, which is the bacteria that is responsible for the growth of acne.