Removing Blackheads Is the Very First Step to Prevent Acne.

I have more than 20 years of practice in healing acne and dealing with acne, oily skin, blackheads and white heads. If it comes to removing blackheads I have never experienced any results from creams, lotions, salicylic acid, glycolic acid ,benzol peroxide,different types of scrubs, microdermabrasion etc. There is no product on the market which would remove the sebum from the whole pore. The sebum is produced by the oil gland and over time becomes a blackhead (due to chemical reaction with the oxygen, not because it is dirty) and the only way to remove that blackhead is the mechanical way.

By mechanical way I mean manual extraction in clean, bacteria free environment – in a professional Acne Clinic where not only blackheads will be correctly removed but also the pores will be closed to prevent any bacterial infection.

Please, do not remove blackheads by yourself – only professional would know how to remove the blackhead without causing an inflammation.

Do not relay on scrubs or other surface exfoliants to remove your blackheads – those will only ruin the surface of your skin and would never remove the sebum from the pore. Pores can be very deep and old sebum can be also dry and hard and the proper extraction is the only way to remove the sebum and prevent the acne.

If you want an acne free skin make sure your pores are not clogged and are blackheads and millia free. What also helps to make skin less oily is using a very good moisturizer – nicely hydrated skin produces less oil which results in less clogged pores.

So, contrary to the common myth that oily skin doesn’t need any creams I am strongly encouraging you to regularly (twice a day) use of a good moisturizer.